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“Let’s harness the power of the bold mind to revolutionize business for sustainable, impactful growth.” -Coach Scott

Hi. I’m Coach Scott of Bold MindX. I’m a performance coach, international speaker, and published author on leadership and creativity. Based out of Boulder, Colorado, I work extensively throughout the Americas and Europe. My passion is challenging the status quo, inspiring bold thought and action, and helping incredible organizations reach new levels of growth and success.​

​Over the last two decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of CEOs, senior leaders, and executive boards to re-imagine their leadership approach, strategic planning, and organizational effectiveness. ​

​I am normally called into action to help companies with M&A integration, corporate turn-around, executive & team performance, and growth acceleration by igniting bold thought + bold action, combined with groundbreaking corporate strategies for dynamic growth and success.

How do I accomplish this for clients?

I believe that a spirit of bold thinking allows access to a sense of innovation that sparks institutional change and ingenuity. I’m known for steering challenging and complex situations to conclusions that deliver solutions to real-life issues.

I focus on engaging executives to help create meaningful aha! moments and push them to take bold action.

I utilize a holistic approach because I believe it allows high performers an opportunity to ground themselves, clear their minds, and strategize more effectively.

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Ready to Get Bold?
Discover how to disrupt your industry and spark sustainable growth with my latest books, Your Creative Mind and Time Machine Leadership both available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. Learn more here.

Time Machine Leadership

TDiscover how to break free of limitations set by self and company using the methodology set forth in this book. Executives and their teams will learn how to step into a Time Machine to envision new possibilities and use the future to improve today.

Your Creative Mind

Your Creative Mind

The practical techniques revealed in Your Creative Mind will infuse your company with creative power and drive innovation. Learn how to disrupt your thinking, abandon your comfort zone, and develop bold new strategies to create the dynamic growth you deserve!

Your Creative Mind

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