Bold Thinking.
Creativity. Innovation.

Today, bold thinking is a critical skill in our ever-changing world. Thinking outside of the box and taking bold action gives your company the advantage across all sectors. It also makes you a better leader, team member, and executive board member.

With over two decades of experience helping clients across the globe, I can help you unleash your bold potential with one-to-one performance coaching, team retreats, and corporate strategy sessions.

Get ready to inspire your team, create waves of change throughout your organization, and most importantly, see exceptional results.

Discover the Possibilities

1:1 Performance Coaching

One-on-one partnerships that focus on unleashing the power of the bold mind and seeing things from an enhanced perspective. I will work to leverage your presence and influence, mental toughness, bold thinking, and underlying creative genius. Learn more by clicking here.

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Strategy Sessions

Combining business and behavioral sciences, I coach clients through a corporate vision and strategy creation methodology that brings forth outstanding success. These sessions are based on the guiding principles found in my breakthrough book, Time Machine Leadership.

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Executive Board & Team Sessions

Executive board and team sessions are designed to produce High Performing Teams. I leverage a powerful alignment process that forges a strong foundation to increase your team’s performance, creativity, and innovation, and unite them in bold thinking.

Beyond The Suite

Let’s go beyond the C- Suite and step into an immersive retreat experience within Big Nature. Each Bold MindX retreat includes remarkable locations, engaging outdoor activities, and strategic coaching sessions for executives, senior leaders, boards, and teams.


Let's Work Together

There’s no better time than the present to achieve holistic success on your terms, as you define it. Begin your journey toward even bolder success by learning more about how we can help.

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